Healing Anxiety

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Your complete guide to breaking free from anxiety without having to drastically change your life

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Welcome to the Healing Anxiety Mini Course!

I'm Amanda and I am so grateful and excited that you're here!
I know how overwhelming, frustrating and scary living with anxiety can be. I want you to know that this does NOT have to your reality anymore... and you are on your way to a life with more peace, freedom and joy.



You don’t have to…


✖️ win the lottery
✖️ quit your job
✖️ find the perfect partner
✖️ lose 20 lbs
✖️ go live alone on a secluded island
✖️ join a new family
✖️ have the perfect body

...to feel FREE, JOYFUL and HAPPY
I want to heal my anxiety
Let me guess, you’ve tried certain therapies, self help books and listened to so many podcasts

You’ve been endlessly scrolling to numb out that constant nagging feeling

You’re watching Netflix and drinking wine at night just to forget about your life

But the books sit on your book shelf, you haven’t implemented the practices and you can’t get your phone out of your hand.

I’ve been where you are.
I’ve felt the way you feel.

I remember laying on my living room floor curled over with intense waves of panic and fear about where I was at in my life

I dreaded the thought of going into work and having to live ONE MORE DAY in a life that felt nothing like me

I felt scared, numb and alone.

I remember one night where I ate a whole pint of gluten free, vegan ice cream and binge watched Game of Thrones

This felt like "relief" at the time, but it was just my way of distracting myself so that I didn’t have to deal with what was going on inside of me.


Here’s the truth:

Anxiety does not have to control your life

As soon as I committed to the practices and tools I'm going to teach you and created my Healing Anxiety Ritual (which you'll create, too!) my life completely changed

✨ I started to feel lighter, like a fog was lifted
✨ I naturally stopped turning to substances to numb out
✨ I wasn't getting wrapped up in intense thought loops
✨ I stopped beating myself up for every. single. thing.
✨ I felt energized and no longer needed to take naps in the middle of the day
✨ I stopped settling for the dull achey feeling that was always inside


It's a few hours from now and you:

🌈 Have all the tools you need to manage and heal your anxiety for good
🌈 Are no longer trapped in the hamster wheel of anxiety
🌈 Have your own personalized process for keeping anxiety away
🌈 Know exactly what to do when the little monsters in your mind want to take over
🌈 Feel empowered, motivated and excited about life again

This course will teach you exactly how to do that.
Are you ready?!
I'm ready!



After doing Amanda's Healing Anxiety Mini Course, I feel so much more grounded, calm, and empowered to take back my power over anxiety. The course was concise, but powerful! I love that every module has accessible and easy ways to reconnect with my body and empower myself to dissipate anxious thoughts and feelings.

Amanda helps drive home the understanding that when I'm in my body, there's nothing to fear.

-Jillian R.


This course is priceless - it hits on things I’ve never heard before, and I’ve been searching my entire life.

Amanda's energy is so comforting, open, genuine and compassionate. After completing the course, I now have a true understanding of what anxiety is, why I experience it and I know how to prevent it AND shift it when it does show up.

Thank you so much for your work, Amanda, and for the tools you’ve given me to move through my feelings.

-Cristina L.


What I love most about the course is that it removes the complexities of starting a practice for yourself. If you're anything like me when anxious, you may tend to over think the steps you need to take in order to start feeling good. Overthink no more! Amanda offers various techniques that help you feel lighter and more grounded within a matter of minutes. 

If you're on the fence about whether you should buy this course, I definitely suggest you do! You won't be disappointed.

-Stephanie A.

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Don’t wait! Take back your power over anxiety today.

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